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Medical Marijuana Is Real

A lot of people think that medical marijuana is a lie told by people who want to get high. However, medical studies have shown that marijuana is extremely effective at treating many illnesses. This is nothing new, people have been using marijuana to treat ailments since the dawn of time.

History of Medical Marijuana

Some of the oldest pottery ever found has clear imprints of the marijuana fibers in the pottery. This means, that those early people were cultivating marijuana. What they were using it for we are not sure, but they were growing it. 

Ancient people in Asia used marijuana as medicine for thousands of years. Medical marijuana is listed in ancient Chinese texts as a cure for many ailments . In the ancient Middle East there is a strong history for the use of medical marijuana, and some linguists have suggested that the word cannabis derived from the ancient Hebrew term for fragrant reed which is Kaneh Bosm. In ancient Thrace, marijuana was used ritualistically and for pleasure. And in ancient Rome writers documented the use of marijuana edibles to promote hilarity.

The early explorers of North America valued marijuana for both its fabric making capabilities and its medicinal uses. George Washington and Ben Franklin both advocated the farming of marijuana crops for all Americans.

Napoleon preferred his soldiers to smoke marijuana rather than drink alcohol because it didn’t create the negative affects the next morning that alcohol is known to create. This left his troops in a much better state to March during the day. Queen Victoria was prescribed marijuana chocolates to help with her menstrual cramps.

During prohibition in the united states of America, marijuana was advocated by the women’s temperance movement as a safer alternative to drinking alcohol. Also in America, marijuana-based medicines were available in most drug stores up until the late 1940s.

Today, many studies have shown that marijuana is a effective anti-inflammatory. It has also been shown that marijuana is useful in the treatment of cancer, auto immune disorders, anxiety issues, and many other debilitating diseases.

Why Is Medical Marijuana Illegal?

Many people believe that the prohibition of marijuana in the united states of America was not based on any science, but instead a racist law that was meant to criminalize activity most commonly seen in the African-American and Hispanic populations that preferred recreational marijuana use to alcohol. To this day, minorities are the majority of people incarcerated for marijuana offenses.

The criminalization of medical marijuana denies people a holistic and natural remedy that he’s been known for centuries. It is obvious that marijuana has medicinal value. Therefore, it is only logical that marijuana be removed from being classified as a schedule one narcotic and instead be listed as a schedule two or less.

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