Master Bubba Kush


Master Bubba Kush is a 4k wallpaper posted in accessories category.

With the growing acceptance of marijuana both medical and recreational in various states across the country the need for marijuana website has increased dramatically. The need for marketing these marijuana websites has also increased. However, many traditional marketing methods are not available due to the federal regulations on marijuana. 

As paid reach is not an option in many cases, traditional and local SCO must be emphasized to increase organic reach. This can be time-consuming because local slang creates a plethora of keywords one must optimize for.

Marijuana Stock Photography

Marijuana stock photography can be a great tool when marketing a marijuana website. This website was designed to for fill the needs of marijuana businesses to visually represent their needs. Many people enjoy looking at photographs of different strains of marijuana. The differences in coloration and the structure of the buds can be fascinating to behold. 

These images are also a great resource when making pamphlets posters or other forms of advertisement.

Social Media and Content Marketing

Social media is something to be heavily used when marketing a marijuana website. Although paid options on platforms like Facebook or not available at this time to marijuana marketers, organic reach can be achieved because of marijuana users enjoyment in sharing information about the benefits of marijuana.

It is for the same reason that content marketing is important when marketing a marijuana website. Articles about benefits of marijuana are useful to people deciding on this form of treatment.

Whether you’re focused on social media marketing or content marketing the images on this website can be useful to augment your material and make it easier and more attractive for your target market to consume.

Cross Site Promotions

Another form of marketing to consider when marketing and marijuana website, is cross site promotions. A medical marijuana doctor would benefit from advertising on the websites of local medical marijuana dispensaries. In addition, the dispensaries would benefit from advertising on the websites of local physicians.

Overall, marketing a marijuana website is a lot like marketing any other type of website. You need to do your keyword research and optimize for those keywords.

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