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 Is recreational marijuana an inevitability?

When I was younger, I used to say that marijuana would remain a legal until there was a roadside test to determine if you were under the influence of it or not. Surprisingly, over the past few decades the majority of states in the union have legalized medical marijuana to some degree or another. In addition, many states have already legalized recreational use of marijuana, and many other states look to follow suit.

Why is Marijuana Illegal?

Federally, however, marijuana still remains a class one narcotic. This is a direct result of bad legislative policy. In 1970, when Congress was debating the Controlled Substances act, marijuana was placed in the category of a class one narcotic as a temporary measure pending the outcome of government testing on marijuana. The following year, when that testing was complete, the recommendations were to remove marijuana from regulation. That was never done. Since then, the attorney general has had it at his discretion, the ability to move marijuana from class one narcotic to any other schedule in the Controlled Substances Act. Considering the abundance of studies that show medicinal uses for marijuana, it is obvious that marijuana should, at the very least, be moved to schedule 2. A schedule one narcotic must have no medicinal use. A schedule 2 narcotic, however, can have medicinal use and will therefore be available for clinical studies and prescriptions (currently, both Cocaine and methadone, and morphine are schedule 2). It would only take a stroke of the pen by the acting Attorney General to make this change. However, political pressures have kept this from happening. The big pharmaceutical companies, as well as the big alcohol distributing companies, have all put political pressure to maintain the status quo and keep marijuana illegal.

Why Are States Legalizing Marijuana?

In recent years, grassroots movements have brought medical marijuana legalization to the main stream in many states. Recreational marijuana has also been pushed by the same organizations. The taxation of marijuana in states that have made it illegal have been a windfall for those dates. As a result, other states have taken notice.

Marijuana has always had a strong usage among the population. Taking it away from the shadow markets and into the main stream, taxable marketplace is a good idea.

Legal marijuana businesses not only help the financial concerns of those directly involved, but also spur the economy by increasing retail space occupancy creating jobs and increasing tax revenue. When you add this to studies that show that marijuana is far less dangerous than other illegal toxicants like alcohol, it should be a no brainer that marijuana becomes legal for recreational use.

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